We’ve no dance experience, can you help us?

Absolutely, our teachers can prepare you for your big day no matter what your level of experience.  We will assess your ability and choreograph a routine to suit and flatter you on the big day.

How long before our wedding should we start our dance lessons?

Ideally you should get in touch at least six weeks before your wedding, to give you plenty of time to practise and perfect your dancing.  But we can help no matter how close the big day is – even if it’s only days away!

We’re getting married really soon, can you still help us?

If you’re wedding day is fast approaching then our Last Minute package is a rough and ready introduction to dancing that will cover off the basics to make sure you can hold your own on the floor and certainly won’t embarrass yourselves.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is an hour unless otherwise stated or you’d like to put together a more intensive package of learning – we can double or even triple up hours, if time is short or we’re covering difficult choreography.

How many lessons will we need?

This varies from couple to couple, dependent on your ability; as well as the difficulty of the routine that you would like to perform.  In your free consultation, we will discuss your expectations and advise how long we think you will need.  Our standard packages are suitable for the majority of couples but you can always ‘bolt on’ more hours if required.

How do we book?

Simply email us through the contact page and we will respond to you within one hour to book in a free half hour consultation.  At this meeting we will chat through your first dance and take all necessary details of your booking, such as: lesson appointments, song choice etc.

How and when do we pay for our dance lessons?

A deposit is required at the point of booking, with the remainder due before starting your lessons.  We accept payments via cheque, PayPal, and cash.  Please note, cheques must be cleared before lessons can commence so must be received at least five working days before your first appointment.

On which days and times can we book our lessons?

Lessons usually take place on evenings and weekends, to suit your schedule; although appointments can be booked any day of the week between 8am and 11pm.

Where do the lessons take place?

For convenience and so that you can feel confident in your privacy while you find your feet, lessons will take place in the comfort of your own home.

How much space do we need?

We recommend that you have enough space for one person to spin round with their arms held straight out, although a little more space is preferable.  If you don’t have enough space we would recommend asking family and friends if they have a space in which you can practise.

How much practise do we have to do at home?

We understand that in the run up to your wedding day you will be very busy, so our packages are designed so that you could manage with the lessons alone, although the more practice you put in between sessions that better results you will see.  If our experience is anything to go by you’ll most probably be bitten by the bug and throw every spare minute at it, even continuing dancing after your wedding!

Do you offer lessons in our area?

We are local to Leeds and the surrounding areas, and our dance lesson packages are based on the area within 30 miles of Leeds City Centre.  If you live outside of this catchment area, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll let you know we can put on lessons for you.  Although there will be extra travel expenses involved, we are willing to travel outside of our catchment area.

What do we have to wear?

For the lessons simply wear something you feel comfortable moving about it.  Initially the bride can wear flat shoes, but as soon as possible into the lessons and practice should start wearing shoes similar to those she will be wearing on the wedding day.

I’m worried about dancing in my dress/shoes, what can I do?

Don’t worry; we will tailor the choreography to your situation, including what you will be wearing!  If you’re not confident moving about in your shoes or your dress is restrictive, we will keep things simple.  Our main objective is to make sure that you and your husband will look good on your big day, not win prizes for choreography.

I’d like to buy this as a wedding present, can I buy gift vouchers?

Absolutely, contact us now and we’ll send you some information about our gift packages.

Can you help us decide on a song?

Yes, we can suggest some songs to you in your free consultation based on the style of dancing you are looking to follow.  Similarly, if you have a clear idea of what song you want we can suggest a style of dance that will suit the music.

We’d rather not look like we’ve had lessons – can you make us look natural?

Some couples prefer to keep things subtle and are simply looking to improve their all-round dancing, often dancing freestyle ‘lead and follow’.  This is a very natural way of dancing and the way that we dance socially.  Rather than a routine, we are happy to teach you: a few simple moves, how to find the beat of the music and the connection required with your partner, which will allow the lead to direct your first dance on the day and long into the night.

Why is there no phone number on this website?

We dance a lot and often we can’t make it to the phone so we organise all initial enquiries through email.  At your free consultation, we will provide you with a telephone number so you can get in touch should you have any questions in between lesson.

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